Boris Fantasy Art CD-ROM

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo
Images: 3x 200 (see text below)
Publisher: Gazelle Technologies
Published: 1992
Compatible: MSDOS & Mac.
  Original cover: The Sorceress & the Dragon   Recent cover: Broken Wing

CD-ROM published by Gazelle Technologies, Inc. 1992

Contents: 200 images compatible with PC and Macintosh, and viewer software.

PC-accessible images are in three formats:

Image quality is good. The CD purports to have 200 images - whilst it is true that there are that many image files on the disc, there are several errors as follows:

The net result of all this is that there are only 196 unique images on the CD. For the sake of brevity I have not included any of the duplicate files in this listing.

There is, unfortunately, no associated text file which gives further image details. I would guess this is true of the Macintosh versions too. The CD predates Windows 95 so the filenames conform to the original DOS (8.3) format.

I can confirm that more recent editions of the CD still contain the same errors although the viewer software appears to be a little more sophisticated than that originally provided.

Against The Odds Alien Visitor Alone
Amazon Rider The Amazons Android
Angel (1984) Apache Wells Ape's Land
Aquarius Aquilonian Aries, the Ram
Arm Assassin of Gor At the End of the World
Ax Backstage Barbarian Queens
The Beast and the Butterfly Behind the Walls of Terra Berserker
Big Bang Birth The Bride
Brotan the Breeder Brotan the Slaver Burning
Bursting Out Cancer, the Crab Capricorn, the Goat
Cave Battle Celestial Cab Chess King Christmas
Chrome Robot Study Clone Colossus
Cowboy The Creature Crystal Gryphon
Curl Daphne and Apollo Death Stalker II
Deathstalker IV Deijaneira and Nessus Demon in the Mirror
Diving Domes Doris
The Dragon and the George 1 The Dragon and the George 2 Dragon Maiden
Dragon Prince Egyptian Warrior Elijah (left)
The Elvenbane Enchantment Es and the Creation
The Executioner Exterminator Female Wrestlers
Firewalker First Love Flight (1984)
Flying Sorcerors Football Hero (right) Forever Moments
Freebooter Full Moon The Furies
Gateway Gateways in the Sand Gemini, the Twins
The General Zapped an Angel The Girl Who Owned A City Golden Wings
Gracus Gryphon Gryphon's Eerie
Haesel the Slave Hammer Throw Hands
Hatchett Heavy Metal The High Couch of Silistra
Hippocampus Hydra The Ice Schooner
In the Moons of Borea In the Underworld Instants
Invictus Isaac Asimov Jade Manikin
Javelin The King's Daughter Knight on Wheels
Lady in Red Last Stand The Lavalite World
Leda and the Swan Leo, the Lion Libra, the Scales
Live Tattoos Lord of the Wolves The Magic Ring
The Magnificient Maker of Universes Mayan Serpent
Medusa (1984) Mercenary Minerva
The Minotaur Mistress of the Felines Molly Hatchet
The Moon and the Sun Mother And Daughter Mountain Beast
National Lampoon's Summer Vacation Night Nomads of Gor
Nubian Warrior Nyankopong and Elohda Of Men and Monsters
The Olympic Torch Onslaught Pandora (1989)
Phantom of the Sea Phoenix (1991) Pisces, the Fishes
A Place Beyond Man Primeval Princess The Prisoners
A Private Cosmos Pyramids Queen of the Amazons
Queen's Sceptre Quest Red Amazon
Red Terrors Robobug Runners
Sagittarius, the Archer Satellite Scarecrow Angel
Scarlet Menace Scorpio, the Scorpion Secrets
Secrets of Synchronicity Seduction The Serpent
Serpent Slayer (colour rough) She Vampire Shoot the Bull
Showtime The Siege of Faltara Siren Song
Soap The Sorceress and the Dragon Space Arachnoid
Space Captive Sphinx (1984) Sphinx (1990)
Spring Garden Star Control Star Trek
Steve Stone Idol Sword Fight
Swords and Serpents Swordsman Talisman (1983)
Tarnsman of Gor Tattoo Taurus, the Bull
Thirst Through the Reality Warp Totem Pole
Tower Tree of Death The Triton and the Mermaid
Two-Headed Beast Unicorn (misnamed as 'Demon') Vampire's Kiss
The Victorious Virgo, the Virgin Web
White Eagle White Magic Wilderness
Wings of Wor Winter Goddess The Witch and Her Familiar
Wolfmaster Wolves Wrestling
Yesterday and Tomorrow

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