The Borisography: C

Cable vs Stryfe (1995)
MM96.55/56 This painting for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 (Fleer/Skybox 1996) was split between two cards showing Cable and Stryfe respectively which needed to be placed side by side to reveal the whole painting.

The two are paired because the supervillian Styfe is a clone of supehero Cable.

The Caduceus (2007) (BJ)
Dland.010 Greek/Roman mythology: the Caduceus was the short, winged staff, bearing two entwined serpents, which was carried by Hermes/Mercury, the messenger of the gods. It came to symbolise Hermes and later, by association, the herald or messenger.

This fantasy version of the staff is everything you would expect from Boris and Julie but quite why it was painted I cannot say.

The Calamity (2000)
This appeared in the 2002 Fantasy Calendar. Its square format would suggest that it was specially painted for the calendar.
Camunda (1989)
Painted for the 1991 Mythology Calendar.

A Hindi myth: Camunda is the manifestation of the Hindu goddess Dunga. She is the mate of Siva, the god of creation as well as destruction. Camunda was the slayer of the terrible monsters Canda and Munda from whom her name derives. This goddess was particularly revered by the people of Bengal, Assam and the Deccan.

Cancer, the Crab (1987)
Painted for the 1988 Fantasy Zodiac Calendar.

The CD calls this Cancer, quite naturally. The card notes that Boris' daughter Maya, who is a Cancerian, posed for the painting, and presumably Boris entitled it Maya for this reason. While it is not stated, I believe that his son Dorian posed for the male figure.

A Candidate Chosen (2005)
2007-Jun This painting was used for the month of June in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.
Capricorn, the Goat
Portfolio 4
Painted for the 1988 Fantasy Zodiac Calendar.
Captain America (1995)
MM96.07 One more painting for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.
Captain America vs Red Skull (1996)
MM96.73/74 Another painting for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

This is one of Boris' five Duel paintings (Julie also painted five,) for the set. The paintings show two protagonists in a horizontal format. These were used to produce two separate, vertical format, cards with one protagonist per card.

Captain Newfoundland / Captain Atlantis
A painting of Captain Newfoundland/Atlantis (the two names are interchangeable,) the main hero of the graphic novel Atlantis (Apache Communications, 1983.) It was an interior illustration and was also used for the cover art.

The painting is signed but not dated.

Captive of Gor
1983-Apr Book cover for Captive of Gor (Ballantine, 1976) by John Norman.

Painted 1976.

Captivity (1981)
Painted for Mirage.
Carlsberg (BJ)
Imagix.088 Presumably a promotional piece to do with English football (soccer, to any citizens of the USA,) if the reference to the FA Cup in the background is anything to go by.

Judging by the size of the stadium I would expect Magpies to refer to Newcastle United but I know of no team known as the Hares, so perhaps this is nothing to do with UK football at all.

Carnage (1996)
MM96.08 Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

It must be said that Boris' realistic style of painting makes this a rather gruesome image but it does, I think, bring home the psychotic nature of the character.

Carving a Future
This painting featured in an exhibition of Boris's artwork and was apparently painted specifically for the purpose.

A modified (or should I say modestified?) version of the painting was featured in the 2018 Fantasy Calendar under the title Ethereal Sculptress.

Although it is undated the exhibition website gave the year as 2016.

Cat Fight (1997)
Painted as the cover for the May 1997 edition of Penthouse Comix. This is the second of three covers, from April to June 1997, all illustrating the story Latischa of the Lost World which together form a tryptych.
Cat in the Mirror
Boris2 Painted as the cover for Cat in the Mirror by Mary Stolz (Dell Publishing, 1977.)
Cave Battle (1989)
This is the cover painting for the hard-backed version of Orion in the Dying Time by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1990.)

See here for Boris' artwork for the paperback version.

Cave Fairy / Cave Princess (1993)
Cover art for Orion and the Conqueror by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1994.)
Celestial Cab /Celestial Taxi (1981)
Cover art for Worlds by Joe Haldeman (Timescape, 1982.)
Celis (1993)
Painting for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.

In German mythology, Celis was a most comely maiden and the daughter of the sorceress Uslani. She was pursued by a band of warriors whose intentions were less than honourable. Uslani hid her by transforming her into a deer.

Centaur (1982)
A drawing from Mirage. this is one of many that Boris has drawn/painted over the years. He explains that… the horse is a very powerful male image.
Centaur and His Mate (1997)
1999-Aug Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
The Centaur and the Dragon (2011)
This painting was featured in the 2012 Fantasy Calendar but I do not know whether or not if it was specially painted for that purpose
Centaurs (1991)
1992-May Painted for the 1992 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Myth: Centaurs were a race of shape-changers born of Ixion and a cloud that Zeus made to resemble Hera. Their most familiar shape was half human, half horse. They lived in the mountains and were said to eat raw flesh.

Cesis (1993)
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.

Latvian mythology: Cesis was the champion who destroyed an evil, looming, tree planted by Celvasta, the ruler of darkness, to extinguish the sun. Cesis laboured for 500 years, drawing strength from his flowing hair and his magic silver axe, and restored sunlight to the land.

Cover art for Barba the Slaver by Dael Forest (Ballantine Books, 1978) which is book #1 in his Slaves of the Empire series. The title Brotan the Slaver used on two of the sources (the calender uses the name Chained) is obviously an error caused by confusion with Brotan the Breeder.

At left is detail of the vase in the lower left corner of the painting.

The painting is not dated but was probably painted in 1978.

Chakra II
One of three paintings produced for the graphic novel Atlantis (Apache Comunications, 1983) which was reproduced on the inside back cover.

A second book in the series was never apparently published so, so far as is known, only three of the five Chakras were painted. I do not know the source of Hercules' information about the five Chakras - the exact number varies from five to seven (or more) depending upon which branch of the Indian philosophies you follow.

I find it hard to believe that Boris only painted half of the girl in the foreground. I am fairly certain that the painting has been cropped partway through the girl and that, as a consequence, the signature has been lost in the process.

Chakra III
A painting of Captain Newfoundland/Atlantis (the two names are interchangeable,) the main hero of the graphic novel Atlantis (Apache Communications, 1983.) It was an interior illustration and was also used for the cover art.

The painting is signed but not dated.

Chakra IV
B2.35 Painting of Mademoiselle, one of the characters featured in the graphic novel Atlantis (Apache Communications, 1983.)

The artwork is undated but was apparently painted in 1983.

Channel 4 (2007)
This was a promotional piece for the UK TV channel, imaginatively named, Channel 4! The painting protrays the channel's major star, Graham Norton, so the assumption is that it was used to promote his show.

The image I have doesn't show the various elements clearly enough to discern exactly what is going on but, to my mind the, two rabbits on the right sum up the show pretty accurately…

Chaos (2006) (BJ)
2008-Sep This is a painting from the 2008 Fantasy Calendar. The vertical format would suggest that it was not painted for that purpose.

You might like to compare this with Leap of the Centaur, a drawing based on this painting.

Cheetah Tattoo (2003)
Ult_Ill.034 As the title says, and as is demonstrated in the drawing, this was the design for a tattoo.
Cherufe (1991)
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calender centrepiece.

Chilean mythology: Cherufe was a lava creature who lived in volcanoes and fed upon young maidens. The Sun god sent his two warrior daughters to stand guard over Cherufe, armed with swords that could freeze him. Sometimes he would elude them, and a volcanic eruption would take place.

Chess King Christmas (1986)
This was one of a series of 20 paintings done in the course of a year for a chain of fashion stores. The paintings were featured in magazine advertisements and posters.
Chevy Dragon / Chevydragon (1997)
A design for Franklin Mint for use on a decorative model of a Chevrolet car.
Chicken Big (1993)
B4.05 Cover for Battletech: Far Country by Peter Rice (Penguin/Roc, 1993.)

This was painted entirely without a reference, which Boris does not like to do and rarely does.

Chosen of Mida (1983)
Cover painting for Chosen of Mida by Sharon Green (Daw Books,1984) which is book III in her Jalav - Amazon Warrior series.
Chris Mortensen (BJ)
Promotional piece for Disney's ill-fated Mobile ESPN sports application that ran for 13 months till December 2006.

The ad appeared with the tagline Dominate Youe Draft whereby a lucky winner would receive a visit from ESPN frontman Chris Mortensen, the main figure in the painting, when dafting their fantasy (American) football teams.

Though it is unsigned it was probably painted in 2006 since the advertisement would have appeared in late summer of that year.

Chrisanne and the Horse (1992)
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.

Syrian and Phoenician mythology: Goddess of war, mistress of horses and chariots. She captured her horse Baldium from a herd of carnivorous horses of the underworld. The steed fed off the souls of slain warriors, gaining strength and power from his macabre feast.

Chrome Guy / Chrome Robot - preliminary study 2 (1984)
In the card set, this is incorrectly described as the final painting and the final painting as the study. In the Paper Tiger books, the titles are correctly reported, and to see large representations makes it clear which is the study. See the commentary below for the completed painting.

The artwork is now wrongly dated 1985 - a year after the final artwork was completed. See Amazon Queen for an explanation.

Chrome Guy / Chrome Robot (1984)
This was done as the cover for The Edge of Tomorrow by Isaac Asimov (Tor Books, 1985.)

The initial concept had a picture of Asimov sitting on a globe of the Earth (see Isaac Asimov) but it evolved into what is probably an illustration of Stranger In Paradise.

This is definitely a personal favourite. My daughter was aware of this and for Christmas one year gave me a wine glass with a replica of this image engraved on it - a treasured glass!

See the commentary above for the preliminary artwork.

Chronicles of Amber (1978)
FAT 96
Book covers for the 2 volume anthology of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber issued by the Science Fiction Book Club (SFBC.)
Cindy in the Air (1997)
1998-Centre This was a private commission that was also used in the 1998 Fantasy Calendar centrepiece under the title Glossomer Wings.
Ladies 114
The main illustration for the story of Circe in Ladies.

Greek mythology: Daughter of Helios and Perse, an Oceanid, she was a powerful witch. When Odysseus' men ate at her table, they all turned into swine. Odysseus rescued them with the help of Perseus.

Circe (drawing)
The second of the pencil drawings which accompanied the tale of Circe in Ladies.

See above for the story.

Circe's Magic (1991)
From ancient Greek, and subsequently Roman, mythology Circe was an enchantress who was able to turn men (presumably this wasn't limited to the male gender) into animals through the use of potions and incantions. This drawing from Ladies shows a boy who has been turned into a wolf.
Citadel at the Center of Time
Painted as the cover for issue #7 of Savage Sword of Conan (August 1975.)

Probably painted in 1975.

The City (1979)
FAT 125
Book cover for The City (Pocket Books, 1979) by Jane Gaskell, book #4 in The Atlan Saga.

The model, for both female figures, appears to be Danielle Anjou (of Mirage fame.)

The Clandestine Betrothal
BJ.19 Cover art for The Clandestine Betrothal by Alice Chetwynd Ley.

Painting undated.

The Clarity of Doubt (2004)
2006-May A painting from the 2006 Fantasy Calendar. The placement of the signature (not readily discerned in my thumbnail) near the lower middle suggests it might have been intended for the calendar.

The painting also appears in the book Fantasy Art Now edited by Martin McKenna (I L E X, 2007) for which Boris wrote the foreward.

Various illustrations of the painting have been stretched at the top (and, I suspect, at the bottom) to change an almost square painting into a vertical format. Not only that, the point at which the stretching commences varies from one source to another – two examples are shown together with the original (on the left.)

Clash of the Star-Kings (1983)
Portfolio 24
This was commissioned for Clash of the Star-Kings by Avram Davidson (Berkeley Publishing, 1983.)

The painting appears never to have had the finishing touches put to it - the top of the temple's roof shows through the leg of the figure, or perhaps the other way around (see the detail image.)

Clawing for Conquest
2021-Oct Cover art for Eye of the Serpent by Joseph W Colomban (Joseph Colomban, 2019) being book one of his Beasts Beneath the Flesh pentology.

My original thought was that was a composite image because the book's back cover features the same artwork without the two figures. I now know this to be incorrect so assume that it is the back cover that is the composite image!

Although it is not dated this was probably painted in 2019.

Claws (2009)
Dland.059 For some reason I have it in mind that this was a book cover but I do not know how I came by this idea. A modified version of the painting was used in the 2011 Fantasy Calendar.
Claws - calendar version (2009)
2011-Aug This is the version of Claws used in the 2011 Fantasy Calendar which has been, as is now becoming normal, edited to hide the nudity.
Clint - preliminary
This was a finished sketch for the Clint Eastwood movie The Gauntlet (Warner Bros 1977.)

Eastwood had stipulated a design similar to Frank Frazetta's Dark Kingdom (right) but the final painting was never commissioned. Apparently none of the artwork received met with Eastwood's approval and in the end he commissioned a piece from Frazetta. In his book Icon, Frazetta says that Eastwood was charged considerably more than the going rate for the commission… he then told him that this sum was only for the reproduction rights and charged even more for the painting itself!

Clone (1979)
Cover art for Beloved Son by George Turner (Pocket Books, 1979.)
Cloning Dance (1994)
Painted as centrepiece for the 1995 Fantasy Calendar.
Painted 1994.
Close Quarters (1994)
BJ.07 Cover for Battletech: Close Quarters (Penguin/Roc, 1994) by Victor Milan.

The kicker is modelled by Julie Bell, and the kickee by Cathy Thole, another great artist trained by Boris.

Clouded Accountant (BJ)
FW.092 One of several London themed advertisements, promoting Coca-Cola's Oasis range of drinks, this shows an accountant floating above the city of London.

It is apparent from Fantasy Workshop that this image, and the other two shown elsewhere, are composites, the backgrounds and figures being painted separately then being digitally(?) combined.

Clutching a Memory (2018)
2020-Mar This is a composite image produced for the 2020 Fantasy Calendar.

Just to give you some idea of what is involved, this image is made up of at least five elements:

  1. a background painting,
  2. the female figure from What You Know May Hurt You,
  3. the girl's feathered briefs
  4. the bird and finally
  5. the signature and date.
This approach allows the reuse of existing paintings and offers great flexibility in the positioning/sizing of the various components. All this (apparently) saves time in producing the final image but one which does not exist as a single entity.

SG.067 Commissioned by Frankin Mint for use on a decorative, diecast, model car – you may not be surprised to learn that the car was a Shelby Cobra 427SC.

The left-hand snake appeared along the length of each side of the car whilst the rest of the artwork adorned the bonnet (or hood, if you're American.) The boot (or trunk for the Americans) was a uniform orange with Boris' signature in black across it.

Collection (2003) (BJ)
FW.036 Cover art for the graphic novel The Hedge Knight by George R R Martin, a prequel to his Dunk and Egg series.
The Collector (1995)
1997-Cover Cover for the 1997 Classic Calendar. This was the only original painting included in the calendar the rest of it being composed, as the name suggests, of some of Boris's earlier work.
Colonies in Space / Colony
This was the cover for Colony by Ben Bova (Pocket Books, 1978.)

The painting is undated.

Colossus (1979)
FAT 34
Cover of Berserker's Planet (Ace Books, 1980) by Fred Saberhagen.
Combat Manoeuvres (1996)
CIS.4 Previously unpublished, this is described as Boris' tribute to the sf (science fiction/fantasy) genre. It is based on a design originally done for the Topps Star Wars Galaxy 2 trading card set which was never used but may be seen here.
Combat Zone (1992)
B4.17 This was painted as a cover for one of the Battletech books, Mercenary's Star (Penguin/Roc, 1992) by William H Keith.
Come What Will original (2000)
I'm afraid that none of the sources give any information about this painting. A modified version was used for the centrepiece of the 2002 Fantacy Calendar under the title The Horror Was Revealed.
Come What Will version 2 (2000)
I originally thought this was the preliminary artwork for Come What Will but I was puzzled as to why it was finished to such a high standard. However, according to Ultimate Illustrations, the explanation is that it is actually a commissioned drawing based on the painting.
Commander Julita (1993)
BoB.60 This is the cover of the book The Shattered Sphere by Roger McBride Allen (Tor Books, 1994.)
Conan of Aquilonia
Book cover for Conan of Aquilonia by L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter.

Although it is undated other sources give the year as 1977.

Conan of the Isles
Cover for Conan of the Isles by Robert E Howard & L Sprague de Camp.

Painting is undated.

Conan the Barbarian
Film poster for the movie Conan the Barbarian (Universal Pictures, 1982) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandahl Bergman and James Earl Jones.

The painting is undated.

Conan the Conqueror
Painted as the cover for issue #10 of Savage Sword of Conan (February 1976.)

The title was obtained from the Comic Images 1993 Conan Collector Cards set.

The painting is undated but was probably painted in 1975.

Conan the Fearless (1986)
Painted for the cover of Conan the Fearless by Steve Perry (Tor Books, 1986) and also used for the Conan the Cimmerian video game (Virgin, 1991.)

It is also available, under the title Search for the Horned Beast, as part of a limited edition autographed print poster series.

Conan the Freebooter
Cover for Conan the Freebooter by Robert E Howard & L Sprague de Camp.

All the sources, except Fantasy Art Techniques, give the title as The Freebooter.

Painting is undated.

Conan the Magnificent (1983)
FAT 75
Portfolio 2
This was the cover painting for the book Conan the Magnificent (Tor Books, 1984) by Robert Jordan.

This is the only time I have ever bought a book for its cover. I found the story to be well worth reading, though, as it is told in a humorous fashion, with little gore.

Conan the Raider (1986)
Portfolio 3
Cover art for Conan the Raider by Leonard Carpenter (Tor Books, 1987.)
Conan the Triumphant (1984)
BJ.38 (sketch)
Portfolio 17
Book cover for the paperback edition of Conan the Triumphant by Robert Jordan (Tor Books, 1985.)
Conan The Victorious (1984)
FAT 61
Portfolio 26
Cover for Conan the Victorious published by Tor Books.
Conan the Wanderer
FAT 48
This was a book cover for Conan the Wanderer (Ace,) by Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter.

It appears in the first Boris trading card set as Genie and in Fantasy Art Techniques as Iron Warrior.

Painted 1977.

Condor-Chuqui (1992)
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.

Peruvian mythology: Condor-Chuqui is the father of all birds of prey. Maidens were sacrificed to him in the belief that their spirits would join the army of the Sun god, Inti.

Confrontation (2007)
2008-Jan Although this appears in the 2008 Fantasy Calendar I suspect that it wasn't painted specifically for that purpose.
The Conqueror Comes (2006)
2007-Centre Originally painted in 2001 as a promotional piece for Kodak, this modified version was used as the centrepiece of the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.

It appears that the top of the painting has been extended but my copy of the original is not of good quality so I am unable to say with any degree of certainty whether any other changes have been made.

A Conquerer Fallen (2005)
2007-Sep This painting featured in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar where it was used for the month of September.
The Consortium (2012)
2015-Apr Originally seen on Boris and Julie's website, this whimsical painting was subsequently included in the 2015 Fantasy Calendar. I do not know the original purpose of the painting.
Content (2008)
A modified version of this painting was used for the 2010 Fantasy Calendar under the title Hidden Falls.
Contest Renewed (2007)
2008-May A painting from the 2008 Fantasy Calendar.
Corissa the Vestal Virgin
Boris2 Cover art for Corissa the Vestal Virginby Dael Forest (Ballantine Books, 1979) which is book #5 in his Slaves of the Empire series.

The painting is not dated but was probably painted in 1978.

Corkscrew (1983)
FAT 122
This was a Conan painting for Playboy magazine.
Corniche (1987)
Imagix.073 Advertisement for the clothing company Corniche.
Corona (1983)
Cover art for Corona by Greg Bear (Pocket Books, 1984,) one of a number of Star Trek novels that have Boris covers.
Coronis - rough (1990)
B4.35 This was the original concept which developed into the painting of the same name.
Coronis (1990)
Story illustration for Ladies. See below for one of the drawings which also accompanied the tale.

Greek mythology: Coronis was loved by Apollo, but unfaithful to him. He was brought this news by a crow, and in anger turned it from white to black. He had Artemis slay Coronis, but snatched his unborn son, Aesclepius, from her funeral pyre.

Coronis (1991)
One of the pencil sketches which accompanied the tale of Coronis in Ladies. (The general format of the book is that each story has a main illustration, a painting, and two further pencil drawings.)
Cosmic Battle (2008)
2009-Sep Painted for the 2009 Fantasy Calendar.
Counterfeit Lover (1981)
FAT 15
This piece, from Mirage, is entitled Counterfeit Lover in FAT, but Soap elsewhere.

This piece shows a quite extraordinary virtuosity in the depiction of the soap bubbles, as shown by the detail taken from the back of the lady's leg.

Ench This pen and ink drawing appears on the title page of Enchantment.

Although it is undated it was probably drawn in 1984.

The Courting of Joanna
B2.64 Cover art for The Courting of Joanna by Alice Chetwynd Ley.

Painting undated.

This was painted for a record album cover (I have been unable to discover which,) the concept being very specifically laid down by the producers.

The painting is undated.

Crashing Waves (2018)
2020-Jan One of the paintings from the 2020 Fantasy Calendar.
Creation (2007) (BJ)
2008-Feb Originally painted in 2004 as one of a series of advertisements for the Lynx range of male cosmetics, this is a version of I Love You So modified for the 2008 Fantasy Calendar.
The Creation of Rainbows (1988)
Painted for the 1998 Mythology Calendar.

This is presumably a mythological reference, but none of the sources gives any information about which, nor is a date visible in any of them.

The Creature
The title is quoted from the card set. The painting was a book cover for Philip José Farmer's The Gates of Creation (Ace Books, 1982,) part of his World of Tiers series.
The Creature from the Abyss (1971)
Twin.097 Cover art for the August 1971 edition of the magazine Nightmare, the third of three that Boris painted for this publication.
Creatures from the Earth's Core (1971)
This early piece was cover art for the November 1971 edition, issue #5, of Psycho by Skywald Publications.
Crimson Battle Axe (2011) (BJ)
Painted for the cover of The Crimson Battle Axe by Curtis Oddo, self-published via in 2011.

The painting was also used in the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.

Crimson Fury (1981)
Portfolio 20
Cover for Red Sonja #2: Demon Night (Ace Books, 1982) by David C Smith & Richard L Tierney.
Crimson Mountain (2003) (BJ)
FW.085 Wrap-around cover art for the June 2003, issue #4, of the Image Comics incarnation of Masters of the Universe comic. This was, I believe, one of at least two covers for that edition but the only one with a Boris cover.
Crisis on Centaurus
Another of Boris' contributions to the Star Trek covers, this time for Crisis on Centaurus by Brad Ferguson (Pocket Books, 1986.)
Crisis on Citadel II (1980)
FAT 39
Cover for Crisis on Citadel II by David Hagberg (Ace/Tempo, 1980,) book #3 in his Flash Gordon series. That title is what appears on the book's cover but throughout the body of the book it is given as Crises on Citadel II!
Cro-Magnons (1970)
TwinV.072 The second cover painted by Boris for Skywald Publishing's magazine Nightmare, this time for the April 1971 edition. It is an illustration of the story When Dawn Gods War which is about an alien invasion of Earth during the Stone Age.

It is not apparent from the thumbnail but the painting shows two early hominids warily gazing down at an alien being and its space craft (in the background.)

Crystal (1996)
MM96.09 Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

Crystal, real name Crystalia Amaquelin, is an Inhuman princess and one time wife of Quicksilver. She has the power to manipulate the four classical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Crystal Griffin / Crystal Gryphon (1985)
Book cover for Crystal Gryphon by Andre Norton (Tor Books, 1985.)
Crystal Mountain (1992)
BoB.minisheet 2
Cover art for Dragon Rigger by Jeffery A Carver (Tor Books, 1993.)
Curl (1985)
I have no information regarding this painting but, since there is no obvious product placement, would guess it was either an illustration for one of the health/bodybuilding magazines or, given the rather revealing pose, Playboy.
Currents of Choice (2002)
2004-Nov Apparently painted for the 2004 Fantasy Calendar.
Cyberbooks (1988)
B4.39 Cover for Cyberbooks by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1989.)

When returned by the publisher, this painting was not properly packed and was folded in half, damage which is clearly visible on the trading card version - the version illustrated here was taken from the book cover so doesn't exhibit the damage.

B2.85 This was the cover art for Cyborg by Martin Caidin (Ballantine Books, 1978.)

This book was the basis for the Six Million Dollar Man television series.

Cyborg Command (2003)
2005-May This painting was featured for the month of May in the 2005 Fantasy Calendar.
Cyclops (1994)
'94 This was painted for the X-Men '95 Ultra trading card set.

Cyclops is a human mutant and one of the original X-Men.

Cyclops (1996)
MM96.P1 Boris' second painting of the X-Men character, this time for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

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