The Borisography: J

MM96.25 Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

I guess that the signature and date are outside of the area used for the card. One assumes that, like all the other artwork for the set, it was painted in 1995 or 1996.

Jade Manikin (1981)
Portfolio 10
Although this was painted for Mirage, it was also apparently used as the cover for another book by Ballantine Books.

Whilst it is true that a manikin can be a type of mannequin, and that spelling is often used for the title of the painting, I should point out that it has an alternative meaning of "…a small man, pygmy or dwarf." This closeup of the girl's cleavage clearly shows which meaning Boris intended.

The shear skill exhibited in painting the fabric and lace of the girl's clothing makes this one of my favourite paintings.

Jason (1991)
Drawn to illustrate the story of Medea in Ladies.

Greek Mythology: Jason and the Argonauts, some two dozen of Greece's finest warriors, sailed on the Argos to retrieve the Golden Fleece, overcoming many dangers along the way - a tale filled with violence and treachery.

Javelin (1985)
One of the 1987 Fantasy Olympic Calendar series.
Jean Grey in Warp (1994)
'94 This painting of the classic superheroine Jean Grey was executed for the X-Men '95 Ultra trading card set.

This character has had a very chequered history having died and been reborn several times. I am unable to say which version of her is portrayed here.

After the success of Mirage it was suggested that Boris undertake a similar project based on the male, as opposed to the female, body. This drawing was the first artwork for the new project but it foundered because he found that his "…heart wasn't in it."
Jeannie's Kitten (2013) (BJ)
2015.Jul This was a painting commissioned for IlluXcon's (also known as IX) 2013 exhibition.

For those that don't know, IlluXcon is an "…annual convention of artists, students, collectors, and fans of imaginative realist art." The propretors are Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire the latter providing inspiration for the female figure and the original title Jeannie's Kitten.

The Jewel of Seven Stars (1998)
Cover art for an edition of Bram Stoker's novel The Jewel of Seven Stars but unfortunately I'm unable to say who the publisher was – the book is out of copyright and so, consequently, has been printed by many, many publishers.

If you think the girl's hands look odd here's a closeup:
The story hinges around a hand bearing seven fingers that was taken from the mummy of an Egyptian queen.

More recently, the painting has been used for a jigsaw and I notice that the two smaller digits have been removed so that the hand now has the correct, albeit unusually eleongated, number of fingers

Jiroc of Sten (1999)
2000-Centre Originally painted as Allister the Slayer it has been stretched by adding additional borders to the top and bottom to make it fit the 2000 Fantasy Calendar centrepiece.
JLA vs Avengers (1995)
'95 Painted for the Fleer/Skybox 1995 trading card set DC versus Marvel. It was released as 9 separate cards which assembled into the complete painting. The whole image was also available as an uncut sheet - see Trading Card Part Sets: 1995 for more information.
Joe Weider (1999)
A portrait of Boris' friend Joe Weider. I do not know why this was painted but it may be significant that it was produced in Weider's 80th year.

Weider was a very successful businessman in the fitness/bodybuilding world: as well as setting up several bodybuilding magazines he also produced, and sold, fitness supplements and set up the annual Mr Olympia contest plus its spin-off contests. Over the years Boris has produced a few artworks for, or related to, a number of these businesses.

John Carter of Mars (2008) (BJ)
Drawn for a private commission, it seems to have been produced simultaneously with, or immediately before, the painting of the same name. Although it is a vertical format whilst the painting is horizontal the two works are very similar in design – click here to see the painting.
John Carter of Mars (2009) (BJ)
2014-Jun My original understanding was that this was promotional artwork for the movie John Carter of Mars but it transpires that it was actually a private commission.

The painting was used for the month of June in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar.

John Galt (1979)
Painted for an article in the May 1979 edition of Starlog magazine about the science fiction of Ayn Rand.

Rand's 1957 book Atlas Shrugged, set in the early part of this century, tells the story of John Galt who is a political activist. A crucial part of the tale towards the end of the book is where he is captured and tortured by the government, a scene graphically illustrated in this painting.

John F Kennedy
Boris2 No information is given about this drawing in Boris II – my suspicion is that it was a portfolio piece from when Boris first arrived in the USA.
Josie (1998)
I assume this to be a portrait of Josephine Maisonet, a model frequently used by Boris (and Julie Bell) who is the subject of the Images of Josephine trading card set.

This painting was found on the original version of the Imaginistix web site (where it was laterally reversed) which gave the title but no other information.

Jotun (1992)
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.

Germanic Mythology: Jotun was a benevolent being; the Valkyries made offerings to him in exchange for strength in battle. The Jotun could adopt different shapes and would accompany the Valkyries into battle, remaining invisible to their opponents.

The Journey (2011) (BJ)
2013-Nov This is a modified (ie censored) version of the painting The Trail used for the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.

Curiously, whilst in my copy of the calendar the painting is clearly signed and dated 2012, the image that I downloaded from the internet is clearly dated 2011! The original painting was dated 2007.

Journey's End (2001)
2003-May Apparently painted for the 2003 Fantasy Calendar where it appears for the month of May.
Joust (1987)
B4.65 This was painted for a European movie which was never released on the movie circuit, though the painting was used for the cover of the video release.

Unless I mistake the face greatly, the male model is Dorian Vallejo.

Julie (1996)
This work was painted by Boris for his own pleasure, rather than as a commission. In the Artist's Choice set it is entitled Julie, and in Comic Images Supreme it is entitled 10+++, which is a touching evaluation by Boris of his wife.
Julie Strain (1996)
This was painted for the Julie Strain 1996 Heavy Metal Calendar.

Boris's wife, Julie Bell, also produced a painting in the same calendar.

Julie Strain (1999)
This was painted for another Julie Strain calendar (for 2000?.) Once again, Julie Bell also did a painting for the calendar.
Jungle (1980)
This is one of the Mirage paintings.

Although Mirage does not use any titles, this painting is referred to as Jungle in Boris' introduction. I have since discovered that the french version of the book, which does have some titles, also uses this same name. Despite all this, it is more commonly referred to as Leather Jacket.

Jungle Man (2003) (BJ)
Ult_Ill.059 This was a commission from an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan that the artists met at one of the Dum-Dum conventions.

Julie drew the female figure whilst Boris frew the male one.

Jungle Talk (2004) (BJ)
Ult_Ill.121 Like Jungle Man this too was a commission from a fan (the same one?) that they met at a Dum-Dum event.
Jungle Warriors
1983-Apr Book cover for Captive of Gor (Ballantine, 1976) by John Norman.

Painted 1976.

The Junk Collector (2004)
2006-May A painting from the 2006 Fantasy Calendar. The placement of the signature (not readily discerned in my thumbnail) near the lower middle suggests it might have been intended for the calendar.

The painting also appears in the book Fantasy Art Now edited by Martin McKenna (I L E X, 2007) for which Boris wrote the foreward.

Various illustrations of the painting have been stretched at the top (and, I suspect, at the bottom) to change an almost square painting into a vertical format. Not only that, the point at which the stretching commences varies from one source to another – two examples are shown together with the original (on the left.)

Just Doodling Around
Boris2.22 As the title suggests, this is one of Boris' doodles circa 1968.

Owners of the Boris II - The Fantasy Continues trading card set may recognise this cartoon: it appears on the back of several of the cards.

Justice (2010)
Tarot This painting for the Tarot series was published in the September 2010 edition of Heavy Metal.

As usual, Justice is protrayed as blind and carrying a sword and scales. Here, she is modeled by Boris' favourite model – his wife Julie Bell (who does in fact feature in many of Boris' painting for the set.)

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