The Borisography: N

Naked Warriors (1987)
Artwork for the 1988 video release of Naked Warriors, a 1974 Roger Corman movie starring Pam Grier which was originally released as The Arena.
National Lampoon's European Vacation
FAT 85
Movie poster for National Lampoon's European Vacation (Warner Bros, 1985.)

The producers of the movie wanted Chevy Chase to look like a superhero, so Boris put his (Chase's) head on another body.

National Lampoon's Vacation
Movie poster for National Lampoon's Vacation (Warner Bros, 1983.)

I do not know whether or not this image is the right way round but it is laterally reversed when compared to the film poster.

You may also like to see Twenty-Fifth Anniversary which commemorates, as the name suggests, the 25th anniversary of the film.

Nebula (1989)
B4.68 Wrap-around cover for Starbridge by A C Crispin (Ace Books, 1989.)

That background is inspired by the M-42 nebula.

The Nebulon Horror (1979)
B4.53 Book cover for The Nebulon Horror by Hugh B Cave (Dell, 1980.)

This was the first time Boris' son Dorian, then 8, posed for a painting.

The title was misspelled as The Nebulan Horror on the trading card.

Neryds (1989)
Painted for the 1990 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology.

Nessus (1991)
Ladies 82
Illustration for the story of Deineira in Ladies.

Greek Mythology: Nessus was raping Deijaneira when Herakles shot him from across the river with an arrow poisoned with the blood of the Hydra.

Never Say Never Again 1 (1983)
FAT.62 One of two concept sketches for the Bond movie Never Say Never poster featuring Sean Connery. The concept was not approved for final production. Only the righthand side was featured in FAT.

The piece is not actually dated but I have assumed it would be the same as the second one, below, which is dated.

Never Say Never Again 2 (1983)
BoB.50 The second concept sketch for the Bond movie Never Say Never Again poster featuring Sean Connery. The design was not approved for final production.

I might add that my designation of 'first' and 'second' sketches is purely arbitrary.

Never-Ending War (1995)
This picture was painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.
Never Let Me Go
2021-Centre This romantic painting was used for the 2021 Fantasy Calendar centrepiece.
New Born (2013)
2015-Jan This painting first appeared in the 2015 Fantasy Calendar where it was used for the month of January.

Since 2000 Boris and Julie have reverted to reusing paintings for their calendars so in many cases it is not possible to say whether an artwork was produced for that purpose. However the date, and the fact that it is a square format, suggest that this one was originally intended for the calendar.

A New Dawn (2002)
2004-Aug This was the wraparound design for a tankard issued by The Franklin Mint. It, or at least the right-hand portion, was also used for the 2004 Fantasy Calendar.

The preliminary artwork is dated 1999 whereas this painting is dated 2002 so clearly this was a rather protracted project.

New St Marks Baths
This was designed to advertise the reopening, after refurbishment, of St Marks Baths, New York in 1979. The New St Marks Baths, as it was renamed, became an exclusively gay bathhouse in the 1960s and flourished until it was closed by New York City's Department of Health, in December 1985, on health grounds.

The painting is undated but was apparently painted in 1978.

The Next Dimension (1999)
2000-Dec Another composite image created for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar: the girl, ably modelled by Julie Bell, has been superimposed upon the background from Moses.
Next Generation (1994)
'94 Painted for the Star Trek Master Series 2 trading card set (SkyBox, 1994) where it was issued in three parts as cards F4, F5 and F6. Julie Bell also did a painting which formed cards F7, F8 and F9.
Night (1989)
Painted for the 1990 Mythology Calendar.
Night of the Snow Vampire
Cover art for the April 1974 edition of Vampire Tales.

The painting is undated but would have been completed in 1973 or 1974.

Cover art for To Walk the Night by Jane Land (Ballantine, 1976.)

This is an early piece of a genre Boris is not fond of (because of the excess of clothing.)

Painted 1976, according to FABV.

Nikatjef (1993)
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.

In Carpathian mythology, a tribe of insects known as the Lakin was responsible for order and organisation in the world while a band of menacing goblins known as the Hestas was constantly working to create disorder and destructiveness. The evil Hestas would prey upon the eggs of the Lakin in an effort to eliminate them because, once the eggs hatched, the insects were too powerful a match for the Hestas. A sprite-like creature called Nikatjef was named guardian of the eggs in this battle for balance and harmony.

Nine of Wands (2008)
Tarot This painting was published in the July 2008 edition of Heavy Metal as part of their ongoing Tarot series.

The painting is somewhat atypical of Boris' work for the set, most being composed of graphical elements together with his normal realistic style of artwork.

No Place for Disgrace (1988)
B4.22 Album sleeve for the album of the same name by Flotsam and Jetsam (Elekra Records, 1988.) Thanks to Diana Hunter for the information.
Noah's Ark (1994)
This piece had apparently never previously been published prior to the trading cards. However, a modified version was published in the 2000 Fantasy Calendar under the title The Magician.
Nol Atun (1997)
1998-Jan Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Nomads / Nomads of Gor
Cover art for Nomads of Gor (Ballantine, 1976) by John Norman.

Painted 1976.

Not One More Step (2003)
2005-May This painting was featured for the month of May in the 2005 Fantasy Calendar.
Nothing But Trouble
B4.42 This was a promotional piece for the Chevy Chase movie Nothing But Trouble. Sadly, it wasn't used to publicise the movie.

Painting undated.

Nubian Warrior
FAT 45
Portfolio 6
April 1997
Painted for Portal Publications who published it as a decorative wall poster.

This piece is given the title Nubians in FAT. The painting seems not to have been finished, presumably because of deadline pressure - see the detail image, where it is evident that only one of the goblins has had the final coat of green added to his face.

Painting undated.

Nueva Vida (BJ)
2017-Apr Cover art for Curtis Oddo's self published 2015 album Nueva Vida (which translates as 'New Life'.) The painting was also used in the 2017 Fantasy Calendar.
Numdja (1990)
Painted for the 1991 Mythology Calendar.
Nyankopong and Elohda (1989)
Painted for the 1990 Mythology Calendar.

Jamaican Mythology: The Lord of the Sky, Nyankopong, caught Elohda, the Mother Earth, baking little people out of clay. Some figures were still soft and white, while others who were baked longer were darker borwn, creating different races of men.

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