The Borisography: W

WABC 1969 Portfolio of Sports
WABC 1969 Portfolio of Sports, Boris Vallejo Boris1.32 A sample of Boris' graphic art from Boris volume 1.
Waiting for Pegasus (2020)
Waiting for Pegasus, Boris Vallejo I'm not sure of the correct title for this piece: Boris' and Julie's website gives the title as Searching for Pegasus but the image file has the name Waiting for Pegasus! My suspicion is that the filename is correct.

Since the image was obtained from no other information is available but I have since learned that it will appear in the 2022 calendar.

Waiting for the Angel (1997)
Waiting for the Angel, Boris Vallejo 1999-Centre Although it featured in the 1999 Fantasy Calendar I believe this was painted for another (currently unknown) purpose. Waiting for the Angel - detail, Boris Vallejo

For those of you who don't understand what you're seeing, the painting shows an angel flying towards you but the view of his/her body is obscured by the intervening girl (beautifully modelled by Julie Bell.)

This is another of those paintings that shows Boris' exquisite eye for detail as seen in the girl's hosiery.

Waliyy Dixon (BJ)
Main Event (2006), Boris & Julie Dland.027 A portrait of basketball player Waliyy Dixon who also goes under the nickname Main Event. This is one of four paintings produced for Mountain Dew in connection with the 2006 And1 Mixtape Tour – see AO for more information.
The Waltz
A Season at Brighton, Boris Vallejo B4.40 Cover art for A Season at Brighton by Alice Chetwynd Ley (Ballantine Books, 1976.)

Painting undated.

Wamth and Her World (1997)
Falcon Tamer, Boris Vallejo 1999-Mar Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
The War Hound and the World's Pain (1985)
The War Hound and the World's Pain, book cover Cover art for a reprint of Michael Moorcock's 1981 novel The War Hound and the World's Pain (Pocket Books, 1985.) This was the first book in Moorcock's historical fantasy (Ulrich) von Bek trilogy.
War Machine (1996)
War Machine, Boris Vallejo MM96.69
Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 (Fleer/Skybox, 1996) trading card set.
War of the Citadels (1980)
War of the Citadels, Boris Vallejo B2.83
FAT 38
Book cover for Ace Books: Flash Gordon #2: War of the Citadels by David Hagberg.
War of the Wizards
War of the Wizards, Boris Vallejo The second of two paintings for the chinese film Wu zi tian shi executed by Boris. See the separate entry under The Phoenix (the English title of the film) for a little more informatuon about the movie.

Describing this as the second painting is purely abitrary — I based it on the fact that this title was used for the video release of the movie (but I'm not altogether sure that it didn't have a cinematic release under this name too.)

Warrior (1977)
Conan of Aquilonia, Boris Vallejo B2.75
Book cover for Conan of Aquilonia by L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter.
Warrior (1981)
Black Axe, Boris Vallejo Mirage Painted for Mirage.
Warrior Assault / Warrior's Assault (2009)
Warrior Assault, Boris Vallejo 2011-Oct This energetic painting, a joint Boris and Julie piece, was used for the cover, and the month of October, of the 2011 Fantasy Calendar.
Warrior Beast of Hel (1985)
Werebeasts of Hel, Boris Vallejo Cover art for Werebeasts of Hel by Asa Drake (Questar,1985) and the third book in his Bloodsong saga.

Asa Drake was a nom de plume and the book was subsequently reissued under the author's real name of C Dean Andersson and revised title of Warrior Beast of Hel. For some reason the publisher removed Boris' signature from the reissued version of the book.

Warrior of the Steppes (1992)
The Price of Glory, Boris Vallejo B4.52 Cover art for Battletech: The Price of Glory by William Keith Jr (Penguin/Roc, 1993.)
Warrior Queen (1986)
Warrior Queen, Boris Vallejo B4.89 Poster for the sexploitation movie Warrior Queen which was released in January 1987.
Warrior Queen (2002)
Ahead and Beyond, Boris Vallejo 2005-Mar This painting was featured in the 2005 Fantasy Calendar and also used for the cover.
Warrior Rebel of Hel (1985)
Death Riders of Hel, Boris Vallejo B1.48
Portfolio 16
Cover art for Death Riders of Hel by Asa Drake (Quester, 1985) being the second book in his Bloodsong Saga.

The book was subsequently republished under the author's real name of C. Dean Andersson and a new title of Warrior Rebel of Hel.

Warrior Witch of Hel (1985)
Warrior Witch of Hel, Boris Vallejo B2.82
Cover art for Warrior Witch of Hel by Asa Drake (Questar, 1985) and is the first book in his Bloodsong saga.

Asa Drake is a pseudonym of C Dean Andersson under which name the book has since been republished.

Warrior Women (1985)
Barbarian Queen (1985), Boris Vallejo CD1
FAT 79
As detailed here, this was painted as a poster for the Barbarian Queen film. Presumably at the producer's request, the original artwork was overpainted with the foreground mist and enhanced lightning. This work resulted in the signature being obliterated so it was re-signed and redated 1985. This later version was then used to promote the film although the original version was also subsequently used too!
Warriors (1998)
Warriors, Boris Vallejo Sketch.052 This drawing appears in Sketchbook.
Wars in the Stars (1996)
Combat Manoeuvres, Boris Vallejo CIS.4 Previously unpublished, this is described as Boris' tribute to the sf (science fiction/fantasy) genre. It is based on a design originally done for the Topps Star Wars Galaxy 2 trading card set which was never used but may be seen here.
Water (2002)
Water, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.102 The second of Boris' two drawings for the traditional four elements set.

As detailed at Air the project behind the drawings, sadly, never reached completion.

Water Nymphs (1989)
The Water Nymphs, Boris Vallejo B2.46
Painted for the 1990 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology.

Waterfall, Boris Vallejo B4.63
This was painted for a cigarette advertising campaign.

The painting was stolen from a truck before it could be published. I assume that it had since been recovered because I note that it formed part of the estate of Charles Martignette, the well known art collector, who died in 2008.

Wave Rider (2012) (BJ)
Surfer, Boris & Julie 2013-Feb A joint Boris/Julie painting from the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.
Weapon X (1996)
Weapon X, Boris Vallejo MM96.91
Another painting for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Web (1984)
Web, Boris Vallejo CD1
FAT 22
Illustration, for the story of the same name, in Enchantment.
The Web Between the Worlds (1979)
The Web Between the Worlds, Boris Vallejo B4.32
Cover art for The Web Between the Worlds by Charles Sheffield (Ace Books, 1979.)
Web of the Romulans (1983)
Web of the Romulans, Boris Vallejo Cover art for Web of the Romulans by M S Murdock, one of the Star Trek series of novels.
The Web of Wizardry (1978)
The Web of Wizardry, Boris Vallejo B3.39
FAT 100
February 1997
Book cover for The Web of Wizardry (Del Rey, 1978) by Jaunita Coulson.
Weightlifting (1986)
Weightlifting, Boris Vallejo B1.12
Painted for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics Calendar.
Werebeasts of Hel (1985)
Werebeasts of Hel, Boris Vallejo Cover art for Werebeasts of Hel by Asa Drake (Questar,1985) and the third book in his Bloodsong saga.

Asa Drake was a nom de plume and the book was subsequently reissued under the author's real name of C Dean Andersson and revised title of Warrior Beast of Hel. For some reason the publisher removed Boris' signature from the reissued version of the book.

Werewolf (1984)
Werewolf, Boris Vallejo Ench.029
One of the drawings included in the text, for the story Wolves, within his and Doris' book Enchantment.
West of Honor (1980)
West of Honor, Boris Vallejo B4.60 Book cover for West of Honor by Jerry Pournelle (Pocket Books, 1980.)

Described on the back of the card as a cover for Pocket Books in 1979, although the painting itself is dated the following year. The card also claims that the picture was used in Fantasy Art Techniques, which is incorrect; the painting Mercenary (1979) which was so used.

Whacky Wangs: Skipping Rope (1979)
Skipping Rope, Boris Vallejo One of a series of cartoons produced by Boris, this was intended for his failed 1979 Nasty Sketchbook project.
Whacky Wangs: Snake Charmer (1978)
Snake Charmer, Boris Vallejo One of a series of cartoons produced by Boris. Given the similarity to two other cartoons from his Nasty Sketchbook project I would guess that was the intended purpose behind this drawing.
Whacky Wangs: Trouser Snake (1979)
Trouser Snake, Boris Vallejo Boris enjoys cartooning and is always doing so in idle moments, on whatever pieces of paper are available, but the results ultimately get discarded. In 1979 he made a concerted effort to produce a book of nasty sketches and this is one of the results. Sadly the project never got completed.
What Courage Smells Like (BJ)
What Courage Smells Like, Boris Vallejo Artwork for an Old Spice ad by Boris and Julie. In the published version What Courage Smells Like was changed to The Scent of Courage.

Although it is signed it is undated. Since it was first published in February 2012 I would guess that it was painted in 2011.

What Next? (2012)
What Next?, Boris Vallejo 2014-Jan Used for the month of January in, and cover of, the 2014 Fantasy Calendar.

This is either a composite image or a reworking of Boris' 2006 painting Friends.

What You Know May Hurt You
What You Know May Hurt You, Boris Vallejo This was featured in an exhibition of art painted for Boris' enjoyment. It gives rise to a chicken and egg situation – were the paintings produced for the exhibition or was this an exhibition of existing paintings? Whatever the answer, need I add that Boris loves to paint feathers?

The artwork was subsequently incorporated into a composite image for the 2020 Fantasy Calendar under the title Clutching a Memory.

Although it is unsigned the exhibition's website gave the year as 2017.

When Dawn Gods War (1970)
Cro Magnons, Boris Vallejo TwinV.072 The second cover painted by Boris for Skywald Publishing's magazine Nightmare, this time for the April 1971 edition. It is an illustration of the story When Dawn Gods War which is about an alien invasion of Earth during the Stone Age.

It is not apparent from the thumbnail but the painting shows two early hominids warily gazing down at an alien being and its space craft (in the background.)

When Hell Laughs (1982)
When Hell Laughs, Boris Vallejo B1.59
FAT 93
Book cover for Red Sonja #3: When Hell Laughs (Ace Books, 1982) by David C Smith & Richard L Tierney.
When the Gods Crave Flesh!
When the Gods Crave Flesh, Boris Vallejo Cover art for issue #3 (January 1974) of Tales of the Zombie, this was Boris' second painting for the magazine. As with other unnamed covers, the title used here is that of the story illustrated.

The painting was most probably completed in 1973.

When the Mist Clears (2009)
When the Mist Clears, Boris Vallejo 2010-Mar This painting was used for March in the 2010 Fantasy Calendar,
When Titans Clash (2015) (BJ)
Superman vs Darkseid, Boris & Julie This is a private commission showing Superman battling one of his greatest antagonists Darkseid.
White Angel (1987)
White Angel, Boris Vallejo B4.76
Painted as a cover for an Andrew Greely novel, but not used.
The White Buffalo
The White Buffalo, Boris Vallejo Movie poster for the Charles Bronson film The White Buffalo (United Artists, 1977.)

Other copies of the poster appear to show a more complete version of the painting but it is apparent that these have been modified by another artist. Boris' preliminary artwork shows that the image here is the complete painting.

White Eagle (1982)
Against the Prince of Hell, Boris Vallejo B1.24
Cover for Red Sonja #5: Against the Prince of Hell (Ace Books, 1983) by David C Smith &: Richard L Tierney.
White Magic (1978)
The Magic Goes Away, Boris Vallejo B1.57
FAT 31
Cover of The Magic Goes Away by Larry Niven (Ace Books, 1979.)
White Pegasus (1996)
And then there were None, Boris Vallejo CIS.6
A (t-shirt?) design that was intended for Crusade For Kids in their anti-drug crusade. It was subsequently used in the 1998 Mythology Calendar where it had the title Britorgan.
Wilderness (1978)
The Chronicles of Amber, Boris Vallejo B1.40
FAT 96
Book covers for the 2 volume anthology of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber issued by the Science Fiction Book Club.
WildKat (1996)
Wildcat, Boris Vallejo CIS.3 Modelled by Kat, the sister of Julie Bell (Boris' wife.)
Wildman Face (2003)
Dagger, Boris Vallejo FW.050 Promotional artwork for Dum-Dum 2003 which, for that year, was held in Louisville, Kentucky. It was used on posters and merchandise.

For those that don't know, Dum-Dum is an annual convention dedicated to all things to do with Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Windblown (1982)
As_the_Wind_Blows, Boris Vallejo Mirage
Another popular image, this is one of the drawings from Mirage where, in common with all the other artwork contained therein, it is untitled.
Window of the Soul / Windowsill (2009)
Window of the Soul, Boris Vallejo Dland.095 A private commission - both Boris and Julie were asked to paint portraits of the sitter. You may want to compare this with Julie's portrait (see Dland.094) or their joint portrait (Peter's Lady) from a couple of years earlier.
Winds of Altair (1987)
The Winds of Altair, book cover Book cover Cover art for The Winds of Altair by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1988.)
Windsound (1980)
Windsound, Boris Vallejo Diva Cover art for Windsound, a book by Boris' first wife Doris Vallejo (Berkley, 1981.)
Winged Creatures
Winged Creatures, Boris Vallejo 2017-Jan This is a version of Birds Eye View, modified to hide nudity, for the 2017 Fantasy Calendar.

Like the original painting this version shows no date but the original was apparently painted in 2013.

Winged Messenger (2012)
Winged Messenger, Boris Vallejo 2014.Oct
This was painted by Boris for his personal pleasure saying it contains the three things he enjoys painting most: mountains, a figure and feathers. He omitted a fourth favourite: his wife Julie!
Winged Messenger (2013) (BJ)
Jeannie's Kitten, Boris & Julie 2015.Jul This was a painting commissioned for IlluXcon's (also known as IX) 2013 exhibition.

For those that don't know, IlluXcon is an "…annual convention of artists, students, collectors, and fans of imaginative realist art." The propretors are Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire the latter providing inspiration for the girl's face and the original title Jeannie's Kitten.

Wings (1997)
Wings, Boris Vallejo 1998-Jan Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Wings of the Dragon (1998)
Wings of the Dragon - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo This looks to be a preliminary artwork for one of the Franklin Mint figurines. I have come across a similar figurine but not, so far, an exact match. Of course, it is always possible that the design was changed at a late stage.
Wings of the Night (1998)
Empress of the Night, Boris Vallejo This is one of a number done for Franklin Mint and used for a series of limited edition pocket knives.
Wings of Valor (1996)
Wings of Valor (original), Boris Vallejo Painted as a potential design for a plate but the project did not proceed any further. Boris subsequently modified the painting to create The Great Race which was used in the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Wings of Wor (1990)
Wings of Wor, Boris Vallejo B2.11
Video game cover for Wings of Wor by DreamWorks (Sega, 1991.)

The painting features Nick Lavidia, one-time Mr America, as the male figure, (of course.)

The Wings That Cut (1994)
The Wings that Cut, Boris Vallejo BJ.M4
Painted for the 1995 Fantasy Calendar.
Winter Goddess (1978)
Spawn of the Winds, Boris Vallejo Boris2
Cover art for Spawn of the Winds by Brian Lumley (Jove, 1978.)
Wired for Sound (1986)
Wired for Sound, Boris Vallejo BJ.24 One of the Chess King advertisements, featuring Dorian Vallejo as model.
Wisdom from the Sea (2000)
Wisdom from the Sea, Boris Vallejo 2001-Nov Apparently painted for the 2001 Fantasy Calendar.
Witch (1979)
Witch, Boris Vallejo Drawn specifically for the Midnight Angels portfolio, wherein this pen and ink piece was used as Plate 1.
The Witch and Her Familiar (1982)
Witch and Her Familiar, Boris Vallejo B1.26
FAT 103
Cover art for the December 1982 edition of Marvel's Epic Illustrated magazine. This magaxine also had an interview with Boris and several (so far, unknown) illustrations - I will update this site once the information is obtained.
Witch Burning
Staff of Death, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the March 1975 edition, issue #2, of the magazine Weird Tales of the Macabre, it provides a graphic illustration of the story Staff of Death.

Although it is undated it was probably painted in 1974.

Witch Woman (2013)
High and Wild, Boris Vallejo According to a FaceBook post by Julie Bell, this painting was offered for sale on the old Imaginistix (now web site. I got the impression it was painted on spec purely for that purpose.
Without Fear (BJ)
Without Fear, Boris Vallejo One of a series of paintings produced by Boris and Julie for Nike, the sports outfitters.

A modified version of this painting was used in the 2015 Fantasy Calendar under the title Final Defeat.

Wolf Fangs / Wolf's Fangs (1997)
Wolf Fangs, Boris Vallejo 1999-Jun Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
Wolf Girl (1997)
Wolf Girl, Boris Vallejo 1998-Dec Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Wolf Master
The Ginger Star, Boris Vallejo B1.59
FAT 35
Book cover for The Ginger Star by Leigh Brackett (Ballantine, 1979,) volume one of her Book of Skaith trilogy, which was originally published in 1974.
Wolf Master / Wolfmaster (1983)
Shapechangers, Boris Vallejo B2.59
Cover art for Shapechangers by Jennifer Roberson (Daw Books, 1984.)
Wolfboy (1991)
Circe's Magic, Boris Vallejo Ladies.121
From ancient Greek, and subsequently Roman, mythology Circe was an enchantress who was able to turn men (presumably this wasn't limited to the male gender) into animals through the use of potions and incantions. This drawing from Ladies shows a boy who has been turned into a wolf.
Wolfman (1980)
Wolfman, Boris Vallejo Mirage A painting from Mirage.
Wolverine (1995)
Wolverine, Boris Vallejo MM96.DI6
Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set. In addition to the normal trading card there was also a single 'Redemption' card which entitled the lucky finder to the original painting. I can confirm that this special card was redeemed.
Wolverine (1996)
Full Moon (1996), Boris Vallejo MM96.93 This portrait of Wolverine is another painting for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Wolverine & Shadowcat (1996)
Wolverine and Shadowcat, Boris Vallejo '96 Painted for the X-Men Fleer Ultra: Wolverine trading card set (Fleer/SkyBox, 1996) where it was used for card 36.

This character's real name, Kitty Pryde, was that of a classmate of artist John Byrne from art college. Her appearance was based on an adolescent Sigourney Weaver.

Wolves (1984)
Wolves, Boris Vallejo CD1
Illustration for the story of the same name in Enchantment.
Woman Dragonrider (1998)
Gryphon (1998), Boris Vallejo Sketch.050 Although it appears in Sketchbook no additional information is provided for this drawing. My understanding is that this was a private commission.
Woman in Boots (1978)
Woman in Boots, Boris Vallejo FABV.012
Originally featured in FABV this may well have been drawn specifically for that purpose.

The similarity to the 1980 painting Jungle, of Mirage fame, is obvious and it may well have been the inspiration for that painting.

Wonder Woman (2005) (BJ)
Wonder Woman, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.012 This was drawn as a private commission.
Wondrous Falconer (2012)
All Is Well, Boris Vallejo 2013-centre Used as centrepiece for the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.
Workout (1986)
Workout, Boris Vallejo B2.14
Presumably a promotional piece or magazine illustration.

This was used on card 14, and a promotional card, for the Boris Series 2: The Fantasy Continues trading card set. It was also used on a redemption card for the Boris & Julie: Strokes of Genius card set - lucky finders of this card were able to redeem it for a 22" x 29" (overall size) lithographic print.

World Without Sense (2005)
World Without Sense, Boris Vallejo 2007-Sep This painting featured in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar where it was used for the month of September.
Worlds (1981)
Worlds, Boris Vallejo B1.81
Cover art for Worlds by Joe Haldeman (Timescape, 1982.)
Worlds of Wonder (2004)
Sailing, Boris Vallejo 2005-Apr A painting from the 2005 Fantasy Calendar.
The Wounded Sky (1983)
The Wounded Sky, Boris Vallejo CD1 Cover for the Star Trek novel The Wounded Sky by Diane E Duane (Pocket Books, 1983.)

The story was later adapted into a teleplay for the first series of Star Trek: The Next Generation under the title Where No One Has Gone Before.

The Wrath of Khan
The Wrath of Khan, Boris Vallejo Cover art for The Wrath of Khan by Vonda N McIntyre (Pocket Books, 1982) this being a novelisation of the movie of the same name.

The artwork is unsigned but was apparently painted in 1982.

Wrestling (1986)
Wrestling, Boris Vallejo B1.22
Appeared in the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar.
Painted 1986.

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