The Borisography: P

The Page of Pentacles
Tarot This painting from the Tarot series was published in the March 2010 edition of Heavy Metal magazine.

No signature or date is visible in my copy of the image. I fear we must blame the magazine's Picture Editor for the loss of this information – most of these paintings are signed close to the edge so I'm guessing that it was outside the area that was actually published.

Pamati (1995)
Painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.
Pandora (1989)
Painted for the 1990 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology: As a divine jest, Pandora was given a box which she was told not to open. Pandora indeed opened the box, and out rushed all the woes of mankind. When she snapped the lid shut, all that was left was Hope.
Painted 1989.

Pandora (1990)
The story of Pandora is told above. The book Ladies also has a pencil drawing of Pandora.
Panty Raid (1991)
B4.H5 Cover for the October 1991 edition of National Lampoon magazine.

The girl is aiming a gun; the youth has a bullet-hole under his left hand. The youths were modelled by brothers Anthony and David Palumbo, the sons of Julie Bell, Boris' second wife.

The other girl, with the rifle, is apparently a later addition to the painting - the door-frame is visible through her.

Paradise Alley
B4.13 This was painted as a poster for Sylvester Stallone's 1978 movie of the same name. As far as I can establish, the painting was only used on Spanish language movie posters (under the title La Taberna del Infierno.)
Parley (2005)
2007-Oct A painting from the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.
Parting of the Sea / Parting Seas
BJ.08 This was the first of a four-painting advertising campaign with a Biblical theme - presumably for NTE Electronics Inc (an electronic components supplier) if the logo on the box is anything to go by.

I can't tell if the painting is dated - as you can see this is a scan of the trading card but unfortunately the image was cropped partway through the signature. I would guess that it was painted in 1994 (on the basis that there are two other religiously themed paintings for that year.)

The image Felsa: Kala's Tale was produced by digitally combining this painting with a specially painted overlay.

Parting of the Seas / Parting the Seas overlay
This is one of the artworks used to (digitally) convert Parting of the Sea to Felsa: Kala's Tale. Examination of the images show that other alterations (more overlays?) were also needed to produce the final result.

The above title was also wrongly used, in Twin Visions, for another overlay The Void which was also used in the same calendar.

A Parting of Ways (2009)
2011-Nov A painting from the 2011 Fantasy Calendar,.

Passion Flower
2017-Centre This image from the 2017 Fantasy Calendar is a modified version of Flower Touch.
Passionate Battle (BJ)
2018-Aug Although it is featured in the 2018 Fantasy Calendar several things about the painting make me think that it was a private commission.
The Pattern Unravels (2002) (BJ)
2004-Apr Apparently painted for the 2004 Fantasy Calendar. I say apparently because in recent years there has been a tendency to reuse paintings for the calendars so that, increasingly, it is difficult to tell whether or not they were originally produced for that purpose.
This charming drawing was found on Boris' and Julies's website in 2013 where it was offered for sale. It also appeared of their FaceBook page but no additional information was given unfortunately.
Peace and War (BJ)
2017-Apr Cover art for Curtis Oddo's self published 2015 album Nueva Vida (which translates as 'New Life'.) The painting was also used in the 2017 Fantasy Calendar.
Pedrum (1993)
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.

Celtic mythology describes Pedrum as an evil spirit of the mountains who lived in the heart of rocks. He would emerge on rainy days and capture unsuspecting travellers, sucking them into the rock and crushing their bones. The souls of the victims added to his strength. Pedrum was eventually defeated by a gorgeous woman warrior named Maline, who was armed with an enchanted hammer. At the moment of his death, the surrounding rocks changed back into the people he had slain.

Pegasus (1991)
1992=Apr Painted for the 1992 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Myth: Pegasus was the winged horse who sprang from the "wise blood" of the Gorgon (moon goddess?) Medusa when she was slain by Perseus. When Perseus was flying home on the back of Pegasus, he rescued his future wife, Andromeda, from being sacrificed to a sea serpent. Pegasus is considered to be symbolic of a Hero's journey to heaven.

Pegasus at Dawn
2022.Nov This a a composite image created for the 2022 Fantasy Calendar. It is made up of two paintings from, Flight of the Pegasus and Waiting for Pegasus, plus a few additional painted, foreground, rocks.
Perdition (2015)
One of two paintings produced for the Gunslinger range of cigars from the Outlaw Cigar Co of Kansas. This was used as box art for their Perdition tobacco blend.

See Black Powder for the other artwork.

These paintings generated a brief interview in the trade magazine Cigar Press (vol VIII, issue I.) As well as providing the cover for this particular edition, it was also featured in the relevant article together with several other Boris paintings. See the book pages for more information.

Perfect Instants (1979)
Painted for Mirage.

Can one possibly detect a bit of phallic symbolism there?.

Perit (1990)
1991-Nov Painted for the 1991 Mythology Calendar.
Perra (2006)
Ult_Ill.015 One of several tattoo designs produced for a tattoo art company.
Persephone (1991)
Main illustration for the story of Persephone in Ladies.

Greek Mythology: Persephone's beauty so bewitched Hades that he stole her away. Hera interceded on her behalf, so that she spends half her time with Hades and half her time in the world above ground; while she is above ground, Hera mourns and the world turns wintry; when she returns above ground, flowers bloom and plants grow.

See below for one of the pencil drawings from the story.

Persephone - drawing (1991)
One of the pencil drawings that accompanied the story of Persephone in Ladies.

See above for the painting.

Perseus Defeats Medusa (1988)
Painted for the 1989 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology: Perseus had been sent to destroy the terrible Medusa, a once-beautiful woman whose hair had been transformed into snakes by Athene. To aid Perseus in this quest, Athene gave him a highly polished shield to use as a mirror. Thus, in the fateful confrontation, he could avoid looking directly at the Medusa herself.

Pet Dragon (2003)
Ult_Ill.100 Preliminary artwork for a Franklin Mint project that failed to get any further.
Peter's Lady (2006) (BJ)
Dland.095 A private commission by Boris and Julie. See Window of the Soul for a later portrait, of the same sitter, by Boris.
Phantasy Star IV (1994)
This painting was commissioned for the video game Phantasy Star IV (Sega, 1995.) The publication date is that for the USA - the game was originally released in Japan in 1993, the year before the painting was executed.
Phantom of the Sea
Cover for Conan of the Isles by Robert E Howard & L Sprague de Camp.

Painting is undated.

Phaser Fight
Cover art for the Star Trek book Star Trek: Phaser Fight by Scott & Barbara Siegel (Pocket Books, 1986.)

Intended for the younger reader, this book differs from the usual novel in that it is a text adventure. The reader is presented with a series of narratives which end with them having to choose between a few courses of action (eg 'Run', 'Fight' or 'Do nothing.') The story resumes at a new page dictated by the particular choice. In this way a variety of different outcomes to the story are possible, not all of them being successful ones however.

Philip Campion (BJ)
One of the promotional paintings produced for a Mountain Dew card game: AO gives more information.

The player illustrated here is Philip Campion who also uses the moniker Hot Sauce.

The Phoenix
CD2 Poster art for the chinese film Wu zi tian shi featuring, amongst others, Richard Kiel (better known as Jaws in two James Bond movies.) The film was completed in 1978 but, according to IMDB, was not released until 1983 due to the lack of a distributor.

The English version of the film was entitled The Phoenix and, as can be seen from the thumbnail, the artwork was used to promote both the original and English versions of the movie.

Boris produced a second painting for this movie which can be seen at War of the Wizards.

I originally assumed that this had been painted 1982 or 1983 but I have since seen a magazine ad from 1979 which features this painting.

Phoenix - prelim (1981)
The owner of this preliminary artwork apparently purchased it direct from Boris but apart from this I have no other information. The proportions, together with the large dark area at the top, strongly suggest that it was intended for a book cover but I have no knowledge of the completed artwork or of any matching book – perhaps it didn't get past the preliminary stage. Another possibility is that it was meant for a calendar centrepiece – the design certainly has some similarities to the painting of the Phoenix used in the 1992 calendar but since the latter was painted 10 years later I think it very unlikely that the two are connected.

In addition to the above, the title doesn't seem to tie-in with the subject but this could easily be because it is a book. Again, I don't know the source of the title.

The Phoenix (1991)
Painted for the 1992 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology: The Phoenix is an immortal bird which is periodically consumed by fire and reborn from the flames.

Phoenix the Warrior (1988)
Box art for the 1988 straight-to-video movie Phoenix the Warrior which is set in a post apocalyptic future where women battle to save the last surviving man! It starred Persis Khambatta, Kathleen Kinmont and Peggy McIntaggart. By all accounts the movie was so bad that it was good, with lots of unintended comedy.

The video was also released under the title She-Wolves of the Wasteland with very similar artwork by a different artist.

Pisces, the Fishes (1987)
A painting for the 1988 Zodiac Calendar.
A Place Beyond Man
Cover art for A Place Beyond Man by Cary Neeper (Ballantine Books, 1977.)

One of Boris' first ten book-cover paintings. In his early days as an illustrator he often used himself as a model, and modelled all the figures here.

Pluribus (1979)
Book cover for the distopian novel Pluribus by Michael Kurland (Ace Books, 1980.)
Poisoned Memories (1993)
B4.15 Boris himself posed for this painting which was used as the cover for Poisoned Memories (Penguin/Roc, 1994) by Christopher Kubasik.

Painted 1993.

Poker Face (BJ)
Dland.127 No information is held for this painting but the proportions suggest an advertisement or illustration.

The design of the figure is, apart from the hat, remarkably similar to Boris' two paintings for the Outlaw Cigar Co box art (Black Powder and Perdition) but it predates those by at least seven years.

Ponies (2007) (BJ)
Dland.185 This was a promotional piece for Doritos tortilla chips.
The Poochie-Oochies (1985)
B4.27 One of the advertisements for the Chess King clothing series.

Detail of a quite adorable Poochie-Oochie:

Porthole (1993)
BJ17 Cover for Battletech: D.R.T. by James Long (Penguin/Roc, 1994.)

The model for the main figure is Ron Coleman, once Mr Olympia, a personal trainer at Boris' gym and frequently a subject in his paintings.

Power (1987)
BJ.80 One of a series of ads for Joe Wieder.
Power (1988)
B4.80 Although featured in the Boris 4 trading card set the card provides no information about the paining.
Power Armadillo (2003) (BJ)
FW.112 This is presumably a promotional piece but I am unable to ascertain exactly who it was for.

Currently, a slightly modified, monochrome, version is the registered trademark for the Texan company Kirkland Audio LLC, under their brandname Probox. Though the company was created in 2013 it is possible that their predecessor was Boris and Julie's original client but I have been unable to establish whether this is actually the case.

Power Drink (1987)
Another of Boris' paintings promoting Joe Weider's range of fitness supplements.
Power of the Flower (2005)
2006-Dec This painting was used in the 2006 Fantasy Calendar.
Power Struggle (2008)
2009-Sep Painted for the 2009 Fantasy Calendar.
Powerful Protector
2019-Mar Apparently the cover art for the 2016 Italian language book Stolti Mortali! by the italian auther known as Nerdheim. It was also used in the 2019 Fantasy Calendar.
Predators (1990)
Painted for the 1991 Mythology Calendar.
Prelude to Foundation (1987)
Book cover Wrap-around cover for Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov (Doubleday, 1988.)
Prem the Warrior (2008) (BJ)
Ult_Ill.061 A private commission for a gentleman who was in the position of having to raise his grandson.
The Price of Glory (1992)
B4.52 Cover art for Battletech: The Price of Glory by William Keith Jr (Penguin/Roc, 1993.)
Priest-Kings of Gor
Cover art for Priest-Kings of Gor by John Norman (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Priestess of the Sun (2009) (BJ)
A private commission for a Ukrainian client who stipulated that it should be an ancient Peruvian scene hence the inclusion of Machu Picchu in the background and the corresponding title.
Prime (1994)
Painted as the cover of a new issue of Prime magazine. The magazine also included a centrefold of the image without the cover text.
Primeval Princess
Painted for Portal Publications for use as a wall poster. In addition it was also used as the cover for The Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo.

The common title Primeval Princess is straight-forward enough but I must admit to being baffled by the title So What? used in Diva.

Painted 1977.

Princess / Princess Leia (2004) (BJ)
Ult_Ill.017 Although it is not stated, this is clearly a drawing of Carrie Fisher in her role of Princess Leia from Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.

One assumes this was a private commission.

The Princess of Ice (2000)
One of the Franklin Mint paintings for their series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.

Bearing in mind that the girl is sitting on ice, she is not wearing the amount of clothing you might expect – such is the world of fantasy art!

Prisoner (1979)
Painted for Mirage.

Can one possibly detect a bit of phallic symbolism there?.

The Prisoner (2004)
2006-Apr This is a painting from the 2006 Fantasy Calendar. I have no record of it being used anywhere else other than the Boris and Julie website though, at the time of writing, it no longer appears there.
The Prisoners (1979)
Cover for Some Summer Lands (Pocket, 1979,) by Jane Gaskell, which is the 5th and final book in her Atlan Saga.
Prisoners No More (2011)
2012-May Used for the month of May in the 2012 Fantasy Calendar.
A Private Cosmos
Book cover for the book of the same title (Ace Books, 1977) by Philip José Farmer.

Painted 1977.

Privateers (1985)
Cover art for Privateers by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1985.)
The Professor (BJ)
A painting of Grayson Boucher for a Mountain Dew card game, wherein he is featured under his nickname The Professor. See AO for additional information.

Probably painted in 2005 or 2006.

Professor X (1994)
'94 This artwork was painted for the X-Men '95 Ultratrading card set.

Professor Xavier was the founder of the X-Men. According to Stan Lee the character's physical appearance was inspired by that of Yul Brynner.

Prometheus (1997)
In greek mythology, Prometheus was credited with stealing fire and giving it to humanity. As a punishment, Zeus sentenced him to eternal torment: he was bound to a rock whereupon an eagle ate his liver. Overnight, his liver would regrow only to be eaten again by the eagle the following day. This cycle was repeated until he was eventually rescued by Heracles (Hercules).

I have no information as to why this was painted.

Prophet (1995)
Cover art for Prophet #1, a comic book.
The Protest
FABV This was a personal piece and, according to FABV, was painted in 1967.
Psi-Lord (1996)
MM96.34 Another Marvel character painted for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 (Fleer/Skybox, 1996) trading card set. This is a depiction of Franklin Richards in his teenage guise of Psi-Lord.
Psylocke (1994)
'94 This was painted for the trading card set X-Men '95 Ultra (Fleer, 1995.)
Psylocke (1995)
MM96.DI2 A later portrait of Psylocke, this time for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 (Fleer/Skybox, 1996) trading card set.
Ptero in the Mountains (1997)
1999-Oct Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calemdar.
Pterodactyl (1985)
B4.21 One of the Chess King clothing advertisements.
Pumping Iron (1986)
Presumably a promotional piece or magazine illustration.

This was used on card 14, and a promotional card, for the Boris Series 2: The Fantasy Continues trading card set. It was also used on a redemption card for the Boris & Julie: Strokes of Genius card set - lucky finders of this card were able to redeem it for a 22" x 29" (overall size) lithographic print.

Punisher (1996)
MM96.36 One of the many Marvel characters painted for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 (Fleer/Skybox, 1996) trading card set.
Purple & Black (1995)
MM96.11 Domino is a character from Marvel's X-Force series. This was painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.
Pygmalion and Galatea (1988)
Painted for the 1989 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology: Pygmalion, King of Cyprus, was a talented sculptor. Among the statues he carved was one of a beautiful woman that he named Galatea. In time he fell wildly in love with Galatea. She made all the flesh-and-blood women he knew seem drab in comparison. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, took pity on the lovesick Pygmalion. She turned Galatea into a living woman and presided over the marriage of the two.
Pymalion is modelled by Greg Hildebrandt, one of the twin Hildebrandt Brothers, also great artists.

Pyramids (1987)
Cover for Vengeance of Orion, by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1988.)
Pyramids (1999) (BJ)
This is the background painting which was digitally modified to become Freedom in the 2001 Fantasy Calendar.
Pythoness (1991)
Painted for the 1992 Mythology Calendar wherein it is entitled The Pythoness but the name Thytonese is used on the trading card - this strikes me as being not so much a typing error but more a case of somebody not being able to read someone else's writing.

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