The Borisography: D

D.R.T. (1993)
BJ.17 Cover for Battletech: D.R.T. by James Long (Penguin/Roc, 1994.)

The model for the main figure is Ron Coleman, once Mr Olympia, a personal trainer at Boris' gym and frequently a subject in his paintings.

Dagger (2003)
FW.050 Promotional artwork for Dum-Dum 2003 which, for that year, was held in Louisville, Kentucky. It was used on posters and merchandise.

For those that don't know, Dum-Dum is an annual convention dedicated to all things to do with Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Dagobah (1980)
'93 This painting was the first of a series of three 18" x 24" promotional posters for the Coca-Cola company. The posters, depicting scenes from the film, were given to purchasers of Coca-Cola's products at certain fast-food outlets. It was later featured on one of the Star Wars Galaxy trading cards.

As can be seen, this painting shows Luke, Yoda and R2D2 on Dagobah.

Dagobah (1996)
This painting shows a different scene on Dagobah from, of course, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back film.

It was issued as a limited edition of 500 prints by Gifted Images Publishing Ltd. I have no other information about the piece but as its not contemporary with the movie I am guessing that it was painted specifically for this edition.

Damien: Omen II
Advertising artwork for the movie Damien: Omen II (20th Century Fox, 1978) which, you won't be surprised to learn, is the second film in the series. It stars William Holden, Lee Grant and Jonathan Scott-Taylor all of whom are identifiable in the painting.

The painting is undated but as the movie was released in June 1978 it, too, was probably painted in that year.

Damsel in Distress (2005)
2006-Sep Taken from the 2006 Fantasy Calendar, I would guess this was not painted for that purpose.
The Dancer (1994)
Painted as centrepiece for the 1995 Fantasy Calendar.
Painted 1994.
Danu (2019)
This delightful drawing of the Celtic (in this case, Irish) goddess Danu was found on, Boris and Julie's website where, at the time of writing (July 2020,) the original is currently for sale.

Strangely, there are no myths or legends associated with Danu but there is a suggestion that she may have derived from the Vedic (Indian) water goddess of the same name.

Danzka Vodka (1993)
B4.08 Apparently an advertising image for Danzka Danish Vodka.
Daphne and Apollo (1989)
Painted for the 1990 Mythology Calendar.

Greek mythology: Daphne, a nymph, was pursued by Apollo. To save her virtue, Mother Earth turned her into a laurel tree.

Daredevil (Red) (1996)
Painted for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set. Boris produced two paintings of Daredevil for this set and this one shows him in his usual outfit.
Daredevil (Yellow) (1996)
Painted for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set. This is one of two paintings of Daredevil that Boris produced for the set and shows the character in alternative garb which seems to be a cross between his original and current outfits.
Dark Whisper
2003-Apr I am fairly confident that this was painted for the 2003 Fantasy Calendar.
Date with an Angel (1994)
'95 One of three paintings for the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (skybox, 1995) trading card set. They, together with three paintings from Julie Bell, formed the Holochip Etched Foils chase card set.
David & Goliath (BJ)
This spoof of the David and Goliath story was painted for a 2018 Energy Beats Everything advertising campaign for the Lucozade Energy range of drinks in the UK and Ireland.

Although it is not signed or dated I think it is safe to say that this was painted in 2017 because the advertisement ran fron February 2018.

Book cover for Davy Edgar Pangborn (Ballantine Books, 1976.)

Undated but apparently painted in 1976 and one of 37 covers that Boris did for Ballantine Books that year.

Dawn (1995)
Illustration for an article about Larry Niven's Ringworld Throne wherein this was entitled Lucky Teela Brown. It was published in the October-November 1995 edition of Penthouse's Omni Comix and also previewed in the Dec 95/Jan 96 edition of Penthouse's Men's Adventure Comix. The caption said:
"Lucky Teela Brown" by Boris Vallejo. I asked Boris to do a pinup … and he astounded me with much more than expected: a cover-quality illustration with a background and a jaunty little swagger stick for Teela.
For those that don't know, Teela Brown is a recurring character in Niven's Ringworld series.
Dawn of Dragons (BJ)
2019-Jun A Painting from the 2019 Fantasy Calendar but, unfortunately, no other information is available,
A Day for Damnation
B4.30 Cover for A Day for Damnation by David Gerrold (Pocket Books, 1985) which is book #2 in The War Against the Chtorr series.
This painting was completed in just one day, which is unusual for Boris.
Painted 1985.
Day and Night (2003)
Ult_Ill.113 Drawn for a Franklin Mint project, this was Boris' second attempt at the same subject his earlier one, Light and Darkness, having been rejected.

The intention was to show Good and Evil fighting, something that is not really obvious from the drawing! I'm not familiar with any project using this artwork so perhaps it didn't proceed any further.

Daydream (1981)
See also Antecorn.
Daydreams (1979)
This is one of the pen and ink drawings for the Midnight Angels portfolio. It was Plate 4 from that collection.
Dazzler (1994)
'94 A painting of the superheroine for the X-Men '95 Ultra trading card set'

This character was the consequence of an attempted comic/movie tie-in between Marvel and Casablanca Records. The character was designed around Bo Derek's appearance, she being the actress due to play the role in the movie however, the movie never got made.

DC vs Marvel Team-up / DC vs Marvel Teamup (1995)
'95 Painted for the Fleer/Skybox 1995 trading card set DC versus Marvel. It was released as 9 separate cards which assembled into the complete painting. The whole image was also available as an uncut sheet - see Trading Card Part Sets: 1995 for more information.
Deadly Canyon (2011) (BJ)
Painted for the cover of The Crimson Battle Axe by Curtis Oddo, self-published via in 2011.

The painting was also used in the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.

Death (2001)
Tarot This painting for the Tarot series appeared in the November 2007 edition of Heavy Metal magazine.

Work on this series began on an ad hoc basis in 2001 and, according to Julie, this was Boris' first painting for the set. Earlier paintings did eventually appear in the series but they were reused ones rather than ones specially painted.

Death Ride (1983)
BoB.50 The second concept sketch for the Bond movie Never Say Never Again poster featuring Sean Connery. The design was not approved for final production.

I might add that my designation of 'first' and 'second' sketches is purely arbitrary.

Death Riders of Hel (1985)
Portfolio 16
Cover art for Death Riders of Hel by Asa Drake (Quester, 1985) being the second book in his Bloodsong Saga.

The book was subsequently republished under the author's real name of C. Dean Andersson and a new title of Warrior Rebel of Hel.

Deathman Hand (BJ)
Dland.127 No information is held for this painting but the proportions suggest an advertisement or illustration.

The design of the figure is, apart from the hat, remarkably similar to Boris' two paintings for the Outlaw Cigar Co box art (Black Powder and Perdition) but it predates those by at least seven years.

Deathstalker I (1983)
Movie poster for the Roger Corman film Deathstalker, the first in a series of four sword-and-sorcery movies. The film starred Richard 'Rick' Hill, Barbi Benton, Richard Booker and the ill-fated Lana Clarkson.

Unlike the other movies in the series, a copy of the original artwork is not available so I've had to resort to an image of the poster itself.

Deathstalker II (1986)
Claimed, erroneously, in B1 to be the first of four Deathstalker paintings. It was painted for Roger Corman's sequel to Deathstalker, released in 1987 under the unimaginative title of Deathstalker II.
Deathstalker III (1988)
Movie poster art for Deathstalker III.
Deathstalker IV (1991)
Number four in the Deathstalker series.
Debbie in Brooklyn (1997)
1998-May Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
The Decision (2000)
2002-Oct A painting from the 2002 Fantasy Calendar.
A Deepness in the Sky (1999)
Cover art for A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge (Tor, 1999) (though it was laterally inverted on the cover.)
Defender of the Future (2000)
CD2 Painted as box art for the video game Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (Sega, 2000) it was the third and final one painted by Boris for the series.
Deianeira (1990)
Illustration for the tale of Deianeira in Ladies.

As Nessus lay dying, he told Deianeira to keep some of his blood and to wash Herakles' coat in it should he ever stray. In a fit of jealousy she did this, and the blood seared Herakles' skin, causing him great suffering, from which he would have died had not Zeus elevated him to the stars.
Painted 1990.

Deianeira and Nessus (1988)
Portfolio 28
Painted for the 1990 Mythology Calendar.

Herakles and Deianeira were crossing a river when Nessus offered to carry the lady across. He ran away with her, but Herakles shot an arrow from the far bank, killing Nessus.

Demise (2000)
Imaginistix Cover art for the video game Demise: Rise of the Ku'tan (Artifact Entertainment, 1999) and also included as a poster within the box. Since the artwork is dated 2000 one assumes that this was not the cover art for the original version of the game.
The Demon in the Mirror
Cover for Demon in the Mirror by Andrew J Offutt & Richard K Lyon (Pocket Books, 1978.)

Boris Book 2 illustrates a preliminary drawing for a totally different design which was never used - this time. Boris subsequentlly used it as the basis for the Red Sonja book cover for When Hell Laughs.

Both FABV and the calendar give the year as 1977.

Demon Night (1981)
Portfolio 20
Cover for Red Sonja #2: Demon Knight (Ace Books, 1982) by David C Smith & Richard L Tierney.
The Demon Released (1978)
B1.71 I guess that this is a book cover but have no information regarding the actual use of the painting.

The male model is Boris: the female model is either Doris Vallejo or Danielle Anjou.

Demon Samurai (1996)
'96 This portrait of Ogun was painted for the X-Men Fleer Ultra: Wolverine trading card set.

Originally Ogun, a ninja and martial arts master, was Wolverine's mentor. He later became a villain resulting, ultimately, in his death at the hands of his former pupil.

Demon's Ambush (1986)
Painted for the cover of Conan the Fearless by Steve Perry (Tor Books, 1986) and also used for the Conan the Cimmerian video game (Virgin, 1991.)

It is also available as part of a limited edition autographed print poster series - see the Limited Editions page for Search for the Horned Beast for more information.

Denim advertisement (1989)
The title above gives all the information I have about this painting. I assume that denim refers to the clothing rather than the well known fragrance.
Departure (2005) (BJ)
This painting appears in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.
The Deputy Sheriff of Commanche County
Painted as the cover for the Ace Books reissue of the Edgar Rice Burroughs story The Deputy Sheriff of Commanche County.
The Devil in Iron
Painted as the cover for issue #15 of Savage Sword of Conan (October 1976.)

Probably painted in 1976, this was Boris' final cover painting for the magazine.

Diablo III (2012) (BJ)
This depiction of a scene from the Diablo III universe, one of Blizzard Entertainment's series of online games, was commissioned in 2011. Contrary to expectations this was not a promotional piece but was instead intended for the Blizzard Entertainment Fine Arts Project which is dedicated to producing and collecting artworks based on the company's products.

Upon encountering an (unsigned) image of the artwork for the first time I did not believe that it could be by Boris or Julie because the monster (Diablo) did not live up to the standards of their own creations. Having done some research, I now realise that they were restricted to reproducing some other artists' design of which extensive details were provided to them.

Diablo IV (2020)
This is a promotional artwork for the upcoming Diablo IV game by Blizzard Entertainment. At the time of writing no release date has been provided by the company but other sources suggest it may be released in 2021.
Diana and Actaeon (1988)
1989 calendar
Painted for the 1989 Mythology Calendar.

Greek mythology: the goddess who is the counterpart of the Roman Artemis. Diana, the Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, was bathing in a forest spring one day when she was surprised by the hero Actaeon. Angered by his intrusion, Diana dashed water in his face and turned him into an animal. Subsequently, he was chased and slain by his own hounds, who no longer recognized him.

You may want to compare this with Artemis which deals with the same subject.

Note: in the Best Of Boris set, the titles of cards 64 and 34 are interchanged.

Boris2 Cover art for Diosa by Charles Rigdon (Pocket Books, 1978.) In fact there are two other pieces for this book, one used for the back cover and the other a vignette which appeared within the letter 'O' of the main title. I will try and include images of these at a later date.
Discovery (2000)
A painting from the 2001 Fantasy Calendar.
The Discovery of America (c. 1000 A.D.)
Illustration for the May 1976 edition of National Lampoon magazine wherein it was given a two-page spread (pages 90 and 91.)

The art editor didn't like the painting: Boris' response was that perhaps they should get a different artist to paint it. The design was used.

The Discus Thrower (1986)
Portfolio 15
One of the paintings for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar (how I'd love to get a copy of this calendar.)
Disguised (2005) (BJ)
2007-Aug A digitally modified painting used in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar. My assumption is that the original (shown here) was a private commission.
The Diva of the Dawn / The Diva of the Dusk (2000)
One of the 17 paintings produced for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.
Divine Reward (2003)
2005-Jan A painting from the 2005 Fantasy Calendar wherein it was used for the month of January.
Diving (1986)
One of the paintings for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar.
Diving Dragon (1996)
Cover art for The Dragon and the Gnarly King by Gordon R Dickson (Tor Books, 1997.)

This was Boris' fourth and final cover for the Dragon Knight series.

Dr. Doom (1996)
MM96.12 A painting from the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

First appearing in The Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962,) this character has since proved to be one of the most popular comic book villains of all time.

Dr. Octopus / Dr Octopus II (1996)
MM96.66 Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

Titled Dr Octopus on the card, this female version is described elsewhere as Dr Octopus II and Lady Octopus. I attempted to read up the biographies of the characters but, not being a great lover of the superhero genre, I eventually lost interest! My understanding is that the character Carolyn Trainer took over the role after the death of Dr Otto Octavius, the original Dr Octopus, and relinquished it after his eventual (inevitable?) resurrection.

Dolphin (1992)
Cover piece for the Ecco the Dolphin video game (Sega, 1992.) In the Best of Boris set, the image is inverted left-to-right from the correct orientation shown here.
Domes (1980)
Cover of Massacre in the 22nd Century apparently by David Hagberg (Ace/Tempo Books, 1980,) which is book #1 in the Flash Gordon series. I say apparently by David Hagberg because he isn't credited as author anywhere in my copy of the book.
Dominate Your Draft (BJ)
Promotional piece for Disney's ill-fated Mobile ESPN sports application that ran for 13 months till December 2006.

The ad appeared with the tagline Dominate Youe Draft whereby a lucky winner would receive a visit from ESPN frontman Chris Mortensen, the main figure in the painting, when dafting their fantasy (American) football teams.

Though it is unsigned it was probably painted in 2006 since the advertisement would have appeared in late summer of that year.

Domino (1995)
MM96.11 Domino is a character from Marvel's X-Force series. This was painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.
Dorian (1985)
B2.89 Cover art for Forsake the Sky (Tor Books, 1986) by Tim Powers.

I presume from this title that the model is Boris' son Dorian.

Dorian the Archer (1991)
One of the untitled drawings from Ladies, this drawing shows the god Apollo who, using his bow, was responsible for the death of the unfaithful Coronis (his former lover.)
Doris (1968)
Boris2 Portrait of Doris Vallejo, Boris' first wife. They can't have been married for very long at the time of painting.
Doris (1985)
CD1 Presumably a painting of his (then) wife, Doris.
Doritos (2007) (BJ)
Dland.185 This was a promotional piece for Doritos tortilla chips.
Doru's Rebirth: Kala's tale (1999)
This was painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Double Full Moon Night (1998)
As can be seen, this is the cover art for Double Full Moon Night by Gentry Lee (Bantam Books, 1999.)
Double Full Moon Night (2000)
At first glance I thought this was the preliminary artwork which had been modified and redated. Closer examination does howevers reveal that it is a totally new drawing – the fact that it is finished to a higher standard than the preliminary suggests that it is a commissioned drawing.
Dracula (original) (1992)
Cover art for a paperback version of Dracula by Bram Stoker (Tor Books, 1992.) Boris later altered the painting as described below.

This image is derived from a scan of the book cover which has then been edited, by Hercules, to remove the title and other text.

Dracula (revised) (1992)
Although Boris seldom reworks a painting (the original is shown above,) he added the nude woman to represent the romantic aspect of the Dracula legend. Personally, I feel that being naked on a windswept moor at night would be less than comfortable…

This painting was used as the basis for a very detailed digital 3D model by Fredo Bernardo, using ZBrush, as a tribute to Boris – as far as I'm aware it was never created as an actual model/sculpture. An internet search under his name and Dracula will find many renderings of the model and even a tutorial on its creation.

Dracula Lives!
Cover art for issue #1 of Dracula Lives! (Marvel Comics, 1973) which, contrary to expectations, was classified as a magazine rather than a comic thereby allowing the publishers to circumvent the Comics Code and the restrictions this imposed upon its content.

The magazine was published in June 1973 so it is likely that the painting was completed in that year.

The Dragon (1978)
Cover for The Dragon (Pocket Books, 1979) by Jane Gaskell, which is #2 in The Atlan Saga.
This is a design sketch for a belt buckle. The final design, with a few modifications, was manufactured by the Siskiyou Buckle Co in 1992.
Dragon (1997)
A design for Franklin Mint for use on a decorative model of a Chevrolet car.
Dragon (2000)
In The Ultimate Illustrations in the text accompanying this drawing Boris says that "…a woman and a reptile" is a frequent request (and he has done many such artworks over the years.) This would imply that this was a commissioned drawing.
Dragon and Butterfly (1978)
This delightful pen and ink drawing was used for the Certificate of Authenticity for the Midnight Angels portfolio. A colourised version was also used on the cover of issue #3 of Comics Feature magazine. This edition also contained an interview with Boris.
The Dragon and the George 1
This was the cover art for the original version of The Dragon & the George by Gordon R Dickson (Del Ray, 1976,) the first book in his Dragon Knight series. See the next painting for cover used when the book was reprinted for SFBC.

Boris has a picture of Boris posed for this painting: he's wearing a rented suit of armour and sitting on a rocking horse! Very undignified but, if the painting is anything to go by, it served its purpose well.

The painting is undated but FABV gives the year as 1976.

The Dragon and the George 2
This was painted as cover art for the book club edition of The Dragon & the George by Gordon R Dickson (SFBC, 1976.)

The publisher felt that the girl's panties were too revealing and had another artist commit a major sacrilege by painting larger ones on her. Although Boris' brushwork in this area is now forever hidden I thought it would be interesting to show his original concept as per the preliminary artwork. This suggests that the alterations may not have been confined to just her panties!

Like its predessor (see immediately above) this painting was also undated and, once again, FABV gives the year as 1976.

The Dragon and the Gnarly King / Dragon Diving (1996)
Cover art for The Dragon and the Gnarly King by Gordon R Dickson (Tor Books, 1997.)

This was Boris' fourth and final cover for the Dragon Knight series.

Dragon Fire (1983)
FAT 75
Portfolio 2
This was the cover painting for the book Conan the Magnificent (Tor Books, 1984) by Robert Jordan.

This is the only time I have ever bought a book for its cover. I found the story to be well worth reading, though, as it is told in a humorous fashion, with little gore.

Dragon Knight / Dragon's Knight (1990)
Portfolio 12
This was the cover of The Dragon Knight by Gordon R Dickson (Tor Books, 1990,) book #2 of his Dragon Knight series (see also The Dragon & the George I & II,) for which information I am indebted to Bernard Rogers.
Dragon Maiden (1978)
Cover for The Dragon (Pocket Books, 1979) by Jane Gaskell, which is #2 in The Atlan Saga.
Dragon Prince / Dragonprince (1984)
An illustration for the book Enchantment.
Dragon Rigger (1992)
BoB.minisheet 2
Cover art for Dragon Rigger by Jeffery A Carver (Tor Books, 1993.)
Dragon Tattoo (1981)
FAT 14
Portfolio 9
This image was so much admired by a client that he requested a similar image to advertise his product. The result was Handful.

Here's a close-up of the tattoo to help you appreciate the amazing artistry involved.

Dragon Wars (1989)
Cover art for the Dragon Wars game (Interplay Entertainment, 1989.)

The game was subsequently rereleased, as part of an anthology, in 1993.

Dragon's Birth (1981)
FAT 78 Cover art for issue #52 Dragon magazine.
Dragon's Duel / Dragon's Fight (1994)
Cover for Elvenblood (Tor Books, 1995) by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey.
Dragon's Fight
2022.Jul This painting appears on under the title Dragon's Flight but the image file gives it as Dragon's Fight. Since the latter name seems more appropriate I have assumed this to be the correct title.

As expected, the artwork was used for the month of July in the 2022 Fantasy Calendar.

Dragon's Fury (2008)
Ult_Ill.075 Boris says that he loves the way that Julie draws wings. He also loves dragons so for this piece he took inspration from Julie when drawing the wings.
Dragon's Pet (2003)
Ult_Ill.100 Preliminary artwork for a Franklin Mint project that failed to get any further.
Dragon's School (2012)
2015-Apr Originally seen on Boris and Julie's website, this whimsical painting was subsequently included in the 2015 Fantasy Calendar. I do not know the original purpose of the painting.
Dragonfly (1994)
This appears to be the painting Summit which has been overpainted to create a new image for inclusion in the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.

The model for this painting was Julie Bell, Boris' wife.

Cover art for the Star Trek novel Dreadnought! by Diane Carey (Pocket Books, 1986.) You may see the cover for the sequel at Battlestations.

Although it is undated if would have been painted in 1985 or 1986.

The Dreadnought (1999)
2000-Mar Painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
The Dream Sorceress (1992)
B4.79 Cover art for Dangerous Journeys: The Samarkand Solution by Gary Gygax (Roc, 1993.)
Dreams of Glory (BJ)
Another unsigned, undated painting by Boris and Julie. This was obtained from their website and so no additional information concerning the painting is available.
Dreamsnake (1978)
1980-May I believe that this is the cover art for Dreamsnake by Vonda N McIntyre (Dell Publishing, 1978.) I have never seen a copy of the cover but I am aware, from a review of the book, that Boris did the cover: that together with the title and date seems too much of a coincidence for it not to be the cover art.
Droids (1994)
'94 This was Boris' only contribution to the 275 trading card set Star Wars Galaxy Two (Topps, 1994.)

As well as being used in the Illustrators of Star Wars subset it was also used as the box art, to advertise the set and on the cover of a book about the set.

The Dryads (1991)
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.
Duel (1978)
Cover art for Earth Magic by Alexei Panshin & Cory Panshin (Ace Books, 1978.)
Duel of_the_Techs (1992)
Cover for Battletech: Ideal War (Penguin/Roc, 1993) by Christopher Kubasik.
Dum-Dum 2003 (2003)
FW.050 Promotional artwork for Dum-Dum 2003 which, for that year, was held in Louisville, Kentucky. It was used on posters and merchandise.

For those that don't know, Dum-Dum is an annual convention dedicated to all things to do with Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Dumbbell (1987)
Portfolio 14
A large image based on this was used as a banner by spectators at an Australian TV game show (Gladiators? I'm not sure.)
Dungeon (1988)
Movie poster art for Deathstalker III.

See above for Boris' other Deathstalker artwork.

Duthina on the Unicorn (1995)
Painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.

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